Hailstorms are unpredictable occurrences that can occur without warning at all. In certain circumstances, the stones can reach sufficiently significant sizes to cause major damage to your vehicle if it’s not protected by a roof or if a hailstorm strikes while you’re driving out in the open. These hail stones will usually cause dings on the metal panels of your car, which can lead on to further deterioration or even leaks if the panels aren’t repaired as soon as possible. Various repair methods can be applied depending on every situation’s circumstances such as the extent of the damage but typically hail damage can be easily remedied with what’s called an auto hail repair.

What Is Hail Repair?

The central element that an auto hail repair usually involves would be the ability of the professional repairmen to access the dented area. Because the dents are caused mostly on the surface of the trunk, the hood and the roof of the car when the hail starts falling on these areas, each panel will require a varying technique, tools and process before it can be fully restored to its original condition. The auto hail repair techniques used to fix these panels are essentially the same across the board but the real challenge lies within the accessibility to the dents. For instance, if your hood needs to be repaired, the structural parts beneath it have to be removed first. Once these inner components have been properly removed, the technicians will then proceed to use some highly specialized tools in order to push the metal back from its underside to its original shape. The repair processes will also be completed with a finishing technique that includes some form of massage on both sides of the surface of the car to ensure that the texture is smoothened out perfectly.

If this auto hail repair is done right, it would be virtually impossible for a layman to know that the panels had indeed been damaged by hail before. It will simply look as flawless as it was before. The qualified technician will need to have a keen eye to spot the boundaries at which the dents will end and have the patience and delicacy to push the dent out into place. Needless to say, the capability to perform such an intricate and delicate process will only come with many years of experience and practical knowledge, and not many professionals are qualified enough to handle these type of auto hail repairs.

Denver Dent

With that said, Denver Dent is a particularly specialized paintless dent repair service that can efficiently assess the damage of this sort that has been done to your car and fix it accordingly. It is additionally worth noting that the differences in the results that may be accorded by varying car repair services can be tremendous, particularly in the cases of hail damage. Even the most severe damage caused by hailstorms can be reversed if the technicians know exactly what they’re doing so you should really take the time to ask around for recommendations or references before you send off your car to a repair shop. You wouldn’t want to be left with an uneven surface of your car or worse still, chipped off paint that may consequently warrant a paint job over the original paint.

The Process

An auto hail repair can be conducted in as quickly as an hour for each panel so the results can immediately be seen. The costs of an auto hail repair would vary depending on the intricacy of the parts that have been damaged as well as the severity of it. If some of the dents caused are so serious that some of the paint has chipped off completely, then a body repair of the area might be required instead. Plus, it is vital that the dent aren’t caused at the edges of the panel since those will be difficult, if not simply impossible, to repair without leaving a mark or requiring a much more complex repair that will cost a lot more than a simple auto hail repair.

Since this is a necessary repair for many car owners due to the hideous appearances that hail might potentially cause to a vehicle, a lot of supposedly professional car repair shops will charge tremendous sums for their services. Locating an affordable and cost-effective auto hail repair service will be a task in itself. If you’re currently located in Denver however, you might be in luck since Denver Dent is an established car repair shop that is well known for its reliability and reasonable rates, especially within the auto hail repair industry. Remember, you will not want any of your car’s paint to be affected in any way, so make sure that you make this known to your preferred technician before he or she gets started on it. Ideally, no repaint or fillers will be required during the process. Since the entire process doesn’t take that long, you should opt to oversee the repair process so that you can be sure that everything goes smoothly and no “short-cuts” are being taken in relation to the repairs.

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